Liz (lizardidofleini) wrote in princetonians,

Free Furniture! (etc)

Hey all! I just wanted to let you know about a couple of just started/upcoming furniture drives happening at the Princeton University campus. Depending on which, you can donate furniture and also get either free or low-priced furniture. All proceeds are given to charity!

Here are the basics that I know at present. I will further keep things updated at the following website:

1) Princeton Eco-rep Furniture Drive
May 16-23, at the Rocky and Wilson Reunions tents. Here is a link to the campus map On the website listed above I put a link to a picture of that map with the locations circled.
Furniture is free! Please come see what there is. Moving assistance is available on Weds 5/23, definitely around campus, and possibly in the nearby area also but I am not sure. If you think you want assistance, email the contact on the website and see what she can do for you. Also, if there is furniture still left we might extend the dates for getting free furniture past May 23. I'll keep stuff updated on the website.

2) GSG (Graduate Student Government) Furniture Drive
June 5th and 6th. No moving assistance available, as of now at least. Lots of nice stuff sold at low prices. I am not yet sure of the locations but will update the website when I know them.

Hope this info proves useful to someone :)
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