Jeff (xandersman) wrote in princetonians,

Free Tickets to Two River Theatre's ACCOMPLICE

Hey All,
My boyfriend works at Two River Theatre, and he's giving away free tickets to their new show ACCOMPLICE for tonight!

I've enjoyed their shows in the past, but this is actually my favorite. It's a massively funny and surprising thriller/murder mystery. And when I say you'll never figure out whodunnit, I PROMISE you will never figure it out. It's hellafun, and completely free. Honestly, it's a really good show, but they've not sold out due to it being a summer show (so not many subscribers came) and they want a full house!

Email and tell them you want the free tickets advertised on myspace/ livejournal for tonight. The show starts at 8:00pm-- visit their webpage at for directions and details.

Hope you're there!
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